Report: Apple approves design and starts trial production of iPhone 14 Pro

Report: Apple approved design and started trial production of iPhone 14 Pro

According to a Taiwan Economic Times report, Apple has already begun test production of the new iPhone 14 line of smartphones.

What is known?

It is reported that the company approved the design of devices and moved to the production stage, but so far only trial. We are talking about the older models of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which will be assembled at Foxconn factories. The assembly of junior models will be taken over by another supplier – Luxshare.

“After starting a trial run, the foundry must collect data, correct deviations, evaluate the manufacturing process and elements that need to be improved, and assess the acceptability of the trial run,” the report says. // We generally ignore the case where the operator is unknown, and // it’s just a case of using an arbitrary label for now.

It is expected that smartphones of the ‌iPhone 14 ‌family will receive a radical redesign: instead of a notch, Apple uses a round cutout in the display for the front camera, and the volume buttons will be round.

In addition, older models are also credited with 8 GB of RAM. There were also rumors that the iPhone 14 "will not have a slot for , as Apple aims to expand the adoption of eSIM technology, and storage will reach 2 TB.